Saturday, November 20, 2010


Distinctive Photography at its BEST!
Love being in love and show it in a creative way.
I love being creative and ladies & gents there is a hot new trend out there and you should know all about it!
The old way of an engagement photos were walking hand by hand along the beach or with a back drop of a garden, nowadays it’s full of expression!
Your photographer will bring out the best of the best, whether it’s your sense of humor, style, what you’re passionate about, or simply how you're eyes converse about love for one another!
Check out the photos below and this will give you that hummm “WE can do this” kinda moment!

S I M P L Y - A M A Z I N G!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Celebration of Life

Well this is my first blog, and I must say I have had a weekend, one that is unforgettable! I planned my own birthday celebration, as a way to show others that it can be done and done in a way that is chic, filled with fun and great food.

I thought of a dessert bar, I love to bake and who doesn't like sweets? The planning was a no problem of all, it was the fact that I chose to have the event 2 hours away from home! I had to transport all the food and decor to the restaurant and pray that I would get there in time for set up and then get cleaned up to show my guest how "fancy" I could be!

Well everyone, that wanted to come had came and I had such a great time, it turned out PERFECT!!! My birthday is in exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes and I'm still eating on cake!

I love planning weddings but I must say I get a kick out of planning events just as well! Please check out the pics on facebook (you can like me on facebook as well =:)