Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Celebration of Life

Well this is my first blog, and I must say I have had a weekend, one that is unforgettable! I planned my own birthday celebration, as a way to show others that it can be done and done in a way that is chic, filled with fun and great food.

I thought of a dessert bar, I love to bake and who doesn't like sweets? The planning was a no problem of all, it was the fact that I chose to have the event 2 hours away from home! I had to transport all the food and decor to the restaurant and pray that I would get there in time for set up and then get cleaned up to show my guest how "fancy" I could be!

Well everyone, that wanted to come had came and I had such a great time, it turned out PERFECT!!! My birthday is in exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes and I'm still eating on cake!

I love planning weddings but I must say I get a kick out of planning events just as well! Please check out the pics on facebook (you can like me on facebook as well =:)

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